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Posted / Last update: 05-10-2000


The 100% family owned German company, ACO Severin Ahlmann, was founded in 1946. The ACO Group is leader worldwide in the manufacture and technology of polymer concrete, stainless steel, fibergalss and recycled plastics.
ACO DRAIN systems are designed to transfer surface water and other liquids efficiently from a hard surfaced area to an underground drainage system, handling traffic in various load classes from pedestrian through extra heavy duty equipment such as solid rubber tires or airplanes. Gas and service stations are one of ACO´s largest applications.


  • Environmental Protection Systems


Contact data of ACO Severin Ahlmann GmbH & Co. KG

P.O. Box 320
D-24755 Rendsburg
Contact phone: + 49 4331 354 125
Contact fax: + 49 4331 354 168

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