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Posted / Last update: 30-09-2013
WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH


Leading partner in the car wash business

Since the very beginning of automatic car washing, WashTec has been a pioneer in the car care market. Over these past 50 years, WashTec has modernised and even revolutionised the car wash industry with numerous innovations.

Laying claim to over 700 patents, WashTec is the leading manufacturer and also the innovation leader of cleaning technology for vehicles. As the only publically listed company in the industry, WashTec manufactures, markets and maintains - with over 1,650 employees - a complete product portfolio for all types of vehicles. A consistent alignment to high-quality and innovative products coupled with a strict customer focus and globally available customer service are decisive factors for this success.

Gantry car washes, conveyor tunnel systems, self-service washing bays, commercial vehicle washing systems and water recovery systems along with the carefully coordinated chemicals from AUWA, a WashTec Group company, form WashTec's product line for the car and commercial vehicle sector. Being geared to the specific needs of customers, the modular concept and its area-wide service network with 600 of its own service engineers, allows the systems to be perfectly aligned to meet every customer requirement.

Every day more than 2,000,000 vehicles are cleaned using WashTec systems.

The company is today represented with its own subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China and by independent sales partners in 60 countries. In Germany alone, there are 12,000 locations with WashTec facilities. Globally, the company supports a total of some 35,000 customers.

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Contact data of WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

Argonstr. 7
86153 Augsburg
Contact phone: +49 821 55 84 0
Contact fax: +49 821 55 84 1410

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