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Posted / Last update: 10-03-2014
Minale Tattersfield


Creating an enduring world-class roadside brand requires an experienced and committed team of designers, strategists and project managers.

Meet Minale Tattersfield, an independent design and branding team, established in 1964 and marked amongst the world's leading consultancies in energy retail and petrol station design.

Minale Tattersfield works with big multinationals, major petroleum companies as well as smaller independent forecourt owners and convenience retailers.

We focus on delivering practical, sustainable and holistic solutions that balance your needs with those of your customers. Our one stop service is tailored for each area of the complex process of designing and re-imaging a petrol station and includes:

  • Brand strategy, positioning, naming and creation
  • Graphic design for brand identity and signage
  • Architectural design and planning for overall site layout – shops, service buildings, canopies and other branded elements
  • C-store retail design including lighting, merchandising and space planning optimisation
  • Industrial design for key customer touchpoints including petrol pump, facility units and freestanding shade structures
  • Packaging design for lubes and convenience products
  • Project management of pilot sites and prototype construction
  • Arranging launch strategies and advertising campaigns
  • Interactive brand guidelines documents
  • Market research analysis and network audit

If you are looking for a partner who can manage your complete project efficiently, from initial concepts through to final implementation, contact our friendly team.


  • Signage


  • Business Management, Consulting, Marketing and Financial Services
  • Engineering & Construction of Petrol Stations, Depots and others

Contact data of Minale Tattersfield

The Poppy Factory, 20 Petersham Road
Surrey TW10 6UR
United Kingdom
Contact phone: +44 20 8948 7999
Contact fax: +44 20 8948 2435

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