CMT Manufacturing B.V.

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Posted / Last update: 05-10-2000


CMT Manufacturing develops, produces and sells overfill protection,level indication and level control systems for storage tanks Liquified gases, e.g. LP Gas, Propane, DME etc. Product applications: Bulk Storage tanks, domestic storage tanks, automotive like private cars, vans and city busses, LP Gas road tankers, cryogenic storage vessels.
Our products meet the highest standards towards safety according to the German and European rules and regulations.


  • Air Water Oil and Service Units
  • Depot/Storage Equipment
  • Environmental Protection Systems
  • CNG, LNG, LPG Equipment
  • Tank Truck/Transportation Equipment


  • Fuel and CNG, LNG, LPG Management and Dispensing Services

Contact data of CMT Manufacturing B.V.

Hakselseweg 50
NL-6713 KW Ede
Contact phone: +31 318 619138
Contact fax: +31 318 650036

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