CARMA Carwash System

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Posted / Last update: 05-05-2001


Carma (Care International Ltd.) was founded in 1991 by Pat O'Donoghue who brought 10 years of experience in the Car Wash industry with him.

Carma supplies Car Wash equipment to Statoil Ireland, Irish Shell,Texaco, Esso and many smaller Oil Companies and private individuals.

Carma offers unsurpassed After Sales Service to all of it's customers to the extent that our average response time countrywide to a breakdown is 4.7hrs proven over the last 20 months.

Carma aims to provide all of it customers (Corporate and Private) with Top Quality equipment at extremely competitive prices.

Carma has the largest market share of Revenue Car Washes in Ireland.

Carma has no Bank Debt.


  • Car Cleaning and Car Wash


Contact data of CARMA Carwash System

Cloghroe House, Cloghroe
4 Cork
Contact phone: +353 21 451 66 05
Contact fax: +353 21 451 66 06

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