Propan & Ammoniak Anlagen GmbH

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Posted / Last update: 16-08-2012


Propan & Ammoniak Anlagen GmbH is an engineering company, manufacturer and distributor with a complete range of equipment for:

1. Engineering and construction of petrol stations, depots and related projects
2. Distributors, manufacturers and installations for the LPG industry

Propan & Ammoniak Anlagen GmbH offers

  • Depots / Storages of all Sizes
  • Vaporizer for Propane and Butane and complete Units
  • LPG-Filling Station
  • LPG-Dispensers
    Single dispensers for cars with 1 or 2 nozzles, made by P&A Salzgitter,
    Single dispensers for cars with 1 or 2 nozzels and multi product dispensers (made by Bennett+Sauser AG Switzerland), each with LPG modules, made by P&A Salzgitter
    Single dispensers for trucks with 1 nozzle
    various additional options available
  • Components for LPG filling stations
  • LPG-Pumps, LPG-Compressors and complete Units
  • Tanks, Pipes, Hoses, Couplings, Valves and Accessories
  • Truck and Transportation Equipment
  • LPG-Measuring Instruments and Systems
  • Filling stations for bottles
  • LPG Units for special fields

3. Repair Parts and Service

  • Manufacturer and Distributor for Spare Parts
  • Spare parts for all types of LPG equipment
  • Servicing and Repair for all LPG-Stations and LPG - Units


  • Depot/Storage Equipment
  • CNG, LNG, LPG Equipment
  • Pumps/Dispensers and Components
  • Tanks and Pipes
  • Tank Truck/Transportation Equipment


  • Engineering & Construction of Petrol Stations, Depots and others

Contact data of Propan & Ammoniak Anlagen GmbH

Erzwäsche 50 - 51
38229 Salzgitter
Contact phone: +49 5341 87688 0
Contact fax: +49 5341 87688 191

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