HPC Harress Pickel Consult AG

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Posted / Last update: 09-06-2005


HPC consults on tricky environmental matters, remediates contaminated soil and other pollutions and plans complex civil engineering projects.

Membership in Inogen (Innovative Global Environmental Network) enables HPC to act world-wide. HPC is a founding member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance. Inogen guarantees an international constantly high quality standard of environmental consulting services.

  • Environmental Services
  • Environmental Due Diligences
  • Remediation planing
  • Investigation
  • Health and Safety

  • Contact data of HPC Harress Pickel Consult AG

    Winsenerstr. 1
    21271 Hanstedt
    Contact phone: +49 4184 892814
    Contact fax: +49 4184 892814

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