ARID Technologies, Inc.

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Posted / Last update: 20-12-2013
ARID Technologies, Inc.


ARID Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in fuel vapor recovery systems and solutions.

For the Petrol Station market, ARID is primarily recognized for its PERMEATOR unit, a proven membrane based system, which reduces gasoline evaporative losses from storage tanks used at filling stations. The PERMEATOR is a “back-end” vapor containment system attached to the storage tank vent lines, and the system is compatible with any Stage II vacuum-assisted vapor recovery system. The PERMEATOR saves 1 to 3 liters of fuel per 1,000 liters dispensed, with an overall vapor recovery efficiency of 99.3%, as confirmed by third-party testing with US EPA oversight. In conjunction with the PERMEATOR, ARID offers a monitoring system that accurately measures fuel savings and helps to guarantee an environmentally safe refueling experience for motorists.

For the Bulk Terminal Cargo Tank loading market, ARID has recently introduced the Membrane CRU – Carbon Retrofit Unit. Vapors displaced from cargo tanks at the loading rack are directed to the ARID CRU which uses parallel banks of selectively permeable membranes to separate this stream into a hydrocarbon-rich stream and a hydrocarbon-lean stream. The enriched vapor stream is routed to the existing absorber (or “scrubber”), already present in conjunction with bulk terminals using a dual bed carbon adsorption system. These enriched vapors are converted to liquid phase product and returned back to the bulk storage tanks, while the hydrocarbon-lean stream is directed to the carbon adsorption bed, where the bed acts simply as a “polishing unit”. The use of the ARID CRU upstream of the existing carbon bed adsorption systems allows bulk terminal operators to extend the life of their existing equipment while at the same time increasing loading rates and reducing emissions.

ARID’s corporate mission is to reduce harmful emissions to the environment, provide productivity enhancements and to help companies reach their sustainability goals and comply with government regulations.

ARID is headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois, USA.
Customers include: Costco, ERG, Giant Eagle (Get Go), HEB, Murphy Oil, PetroDiamond Quik Trip, Race Trac, Shell, Sunoco and Wawa.


  • Environmental Protection Systems
  • EPOS, Forecourt Control and Station Management Systems


Contact data of ARID Technologies, Inc.

323 S. Hale Street
60187 Wheaton, IL
United States of America
Contact phone: +1 630 681 8500
Contact fax: +1 630 681 8505

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