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Posted / Last update: 08-08-2012


We are experts in filtration equipment for diesel / biodiesel fuels. Our "PRESS FILTER" technology is designed to filter diesel / biodiesel, and has multiple applications including "(Bio)Diesel Storage Tank Cleaning". Our Portable Tank Cleaner can be used for many applications (cleaning the tank in the vehicle, the storage tank of a farmer, transport company, or service station) and it has become a hot item recently, due to the new bio-fuels. So, the Portable Tank Cleaner is the ideal solution for fleet-owners (buses, tractors, trucks) who are switching from diesel to bio-diesel, as they MUST clean the vehicle tank before making the switch.


  • Depot/Storage Equipment
  • Pumps/Dispensers and Components
  • Station Cleaning
  • Tanks and Pipes


  • Ancillary Equipment Services
  • Engineering & Construction of Petrol Stations, Depots and others
  • Shopping Mall, E-Commerce, Software Services

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