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Posted / Last update: 23-02-2012


Coffee Planet is a real-life example of what can be achieved with a little bit of discontent with the way things are, proving that there is always a better way of doing, saying or supplying something.

Life began in Dubai in 2005. Our passion for coffee has led us to deliver the highest quality and freshest coffee to consumers in many convenient locations. But we didn’t start by building coffee shops like everyone else.

We provide a number of awesome coffee solutions to ensure drinkers can get their coffee hot, fresh and tasty wherever they are, be it in the office, on the road, in the mall or in a hotel.

How do we do it? This is achieved firstly by having our own Roastery in the UAE where we roast only the highest quality 100% Arabica beans (they’re the best ones!), which means that our customers are often drinking their Coffee Planet coffee within four weeks of it being roasted. This has a massive improved effect on the flavour and aroma of the coffee - as between 2-6 weeks after roasting is the optimum time to drink roasted coffee (not a lot of people know that!).

Secondly our state-of-the-art automated coffee equipment provides absolute perfection in every cup at our convenience locations ensuring a consistent coffee every time. In our cafés we use the best semi-automatic machines and our baristas are personally trained by our champion Roastmaster, Rosco.

So we bring best people, together with the best quality coffee beans and the most sophisticated coffee machines resulting in the fastest and freshest quality coffee available in the UAE. Simple, right?

We wanted to spread our Coffee universe far and wide, giving good Coffee where previously there was none. Oh, and in a way that was easy for both us and the customer. Fuel stations! Lots of people, all stopping for refreshment. Perfect! They could grab one while filling up, Genius!

Contact data of Coffee Planet LLC

Al Quoz 4, (Back of UNASCO Building
United Arab Emirates
Contact phone: +971 4 341 5537
Contact fax: +971 4 341 5536

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