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Posted / Last update: 13-06-2012


Gallagher Fuel Systems Ltd (formerly PEC) are leaders in the design, development and supply of fuel dispensing systems throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, designing technology to make forecourt systems simpler, smarter and more profitable.

We use our expertise to apply new technology to fuel measurement systems and the design of fuel pumps that combine the Tatsuno fuel metering system with our own innovative customised electronics. Our customers also benefit from our customisation service that provides bespoke products on a ‘one-off’ or full production run basis.

In recent years, we’ve manufactured high-tech products, such as retail automation/EFTPOS equipment, to various customers on a contract manufacturing basis. Our contract facilities use a computerised production system based on the MRP-II model. We’re fully certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Our future-proof forecourt technologies complement fuel pump manufacture to deliver cleaner and greener forecourts. This gives service stations the chance to move forward with safety, no guessing on your assets or environmental impact and achieves the goal of lower Total Cost of Ownership.

The Vapour Management System is the VR2 solution with huge vapour volume capacity. Achieving A/L ratios of 100.71% - far exceeding operational requirements.

Retrofit kits are available for a wide range of pumps and dispensers.


  • Pumps/Dispensers and Components


  • Fuel and CNG, LNG, LPG Management and Dispensing Services

Contact data of Gallagher

2 Station Road, Marton 4710
PO Box 308, Marton 4 Marton
New Zealand
Contact phone: +64 6 327 0060
Contact fax: +64 6 327 6724

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