UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress

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Country: Germany | Posted / Last update: 26-10-2011

The congress includes information about transportation fuels and home heating oil, biofuels, lubricants, additives, base oils and an evening social meeting

20-03-2012 - 21-03-2012

Stuttgart, Germany (Historische Reithalle, Maritim Hotel Stuttgart)

The UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress 2012 offers an excellent opportunity to inform you fast and compact about innovations, future requirements and latest developments and therefore is the ideal platform to improve your personal knowledge and will therefore contribute also to the success of your company.

The Congress has gained high recognition as an important international event with strong positive feedback from participants and the international press. This has been a key motivation for the organizers to ensure strong benefit for all participants by offering a very interesting program for 2012.

Apart from the selection of topics where above all the focus on practical components has first priority. This will be ensured by lectures from prominent speakers.

Additionally, the enlarged trade show offers excellent opportunities to find detailed information about products and services exhibited.

Especially in the light of current debates on energy and environmental policy, fast and partly radical changes in the fuel and lubricants market are increasingly on the agenda. A current “Up-to-date”-knowledge as well as good contacts are vital to reduce such risks and to seize new opportunities.

Simultaneous translation from German to English and English to German will be offered by the organizers.

Contact data of UNITI-Mineralöltechnologie GmbH

Jägerstraße 6
101177 Berlin

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