Filling station design and engineering, 5th November, London, UK

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Country: United Kingdom | Posted / Last update: 17-02-2012

Design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations (also known as the Blue Book)


London, United Kingdom

New training course to support filling stations operations
The Energy Institute (EI) has developed a new training course to introduce the fundamentals of filling stations design and engineering considerations using established industry guidance from Design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations (also known as the Blue Book).
The third edition of the Blue Book is essential reading for all those involved in the storage and dispensing of vehicle fuels at retail or commercial premises, as well as those involved in the enforcement of regulations. It is applicable to most regions internationally.
This training course covers the technical aspects of handling petroleum products at filling stations and provides an understanding of how these relate to established good practice and UK legal requirements. Delegates will benefit from expert advice, be able to share good practice and discuss real life case studies.
The EI has published the Blue Book over the last ten years and this is the first time the EI has developed such a training course to support this sector. It has been developed to provide hands-on practical support to help the application and implementation of this important industry guidance. Filling stations are an essential element of the world’s energy infrastructure and so it is important that these facilities are designed and maintained using industry recognised good practice.
The course is designed for those who may not be familiar with the Blue Book and inform current users of the changes from previous editions so all those involved with filling stations are up-to-date on the latest guidance.
The Blue Book was developed by the EI’s Service Station Panel, with considerable technical input provided by UK's Health & Safety Executive, Environment Agency, trade associations and other professional organisations.

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