Caltex Australia Ltd

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Country: Australia
Posted / Last update: 23-12-2009
Caltex Australia Ltd

Caltex Australia Limited is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products in Australia with operations in all states and territories. Caltex is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and employees are holding 50 percent of the shares and Chevron Corporation of the US holding the balance.

In the intensely competitive petroleum products market in Australia, Caltex has achieved the leading position in market share for transport fuels and is the number one convenience store operator through the national Star Mart and Star Shop network.

There are about 3,000 Caltex employees across the country working in refineries, distribution terminals, service stations and offices.


Caltex owns and operates two petroleum fuels refineries (Kurnell and Lytton) with a combined capacity of more than 35 million litres per day, making Caltex the largest refiner of crude oil in Australia.


Caltex owns and operates 11 seaboard storage terminals and has three joint venture lubricant blending plants around Australia. Joint venture fuel distribution terminal arrangements are in place with Shell at Townsville, Queensland and Fremantle, Western Australia, and with Mobil at Gladstone, Queensland and Silverwater, New South Wales. In Tasmania, a reciprocal agreement for fuel supply exists with the Caltex terminal in Hobart and the Shell terminal in Devonport.


Caltex owns and operates a pipeline stretching more than 200km from the Kurnell refinery in Sydney to the Wickham terminal in Newcastle. It is the longest multi-product pipeline in Australia carrying a range of fuel products including petrol, diesel and jet fuel. The pipeline displaces the need for around 45,000 road tankers or 40 tankship movements per year.


Caltex operates its own fleet of road tankers and has long term contracts with transport companies for the cartage of refined products from terminals to service stations, distribution depots and commercial end users. Caltex also has a fleet of dedicated rail tank cars.


Caltex operates the largest oil company retail network in Australia. It has an estimated market share of more than 30% of the major transport fuels sold nationally.

Caltex markets petroleum products in all Australian states and territories through three principal channels of distribution: retail, wholesale and commercial.

The company has a national service station network of more than 2,000 Caltex and Ampol branded sites (including around 350 Woolworths contributed jointly branded Caltex Woolworths sites) of which it owns or leases approximately 780 sites. The remainder are owned or leased and operated by independent resellers and independent operators.

Caltex's national service station network includes the largest number of convenience stores in Australia with nearly 500 Star Mart and Star Shop locations. Within this network there are about 60 stores that are operated by the 100% Caltex-owned subsidiary Calstores Pty Ltd. These are located in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Caltex currently has 64 resellers that supply over 1,100 service stations as well as many small businesses particularly those located in rural areas such as farmers and smaller transport operators. Caltex owns or leases 108 depots that it operates or are licensed to resellers and are used for storage of petroleum products. Like its service station network, Caltex's reseller network includes Caltex and Ampol branded businesses.

In addition to an extensive retail network Caltex markets to commercial and industrial customers in the mining, industrial, aviation and transport sectors. The company also manufactures and markets specialty products such as bitumen, gases and waxes.

Vitalgas Pty Limited, a 50:50 joint venture between Caltex and Origin Energy is a retailer of LPG. Vitalgas has about 600 sites across Australia and is one of the major suppliers of LPG to the Australian market with an estimated market share of about 10%.

Caltex Australia has five principal operating subsidiaries - Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd, Caltex Refineries (NSW) Pty Ltd, Caltex Refineries (Qld) Pty Ltd, Caltex Lubricating Oil Refinery Pty Ltd and Caltex Petroleum Distributors Pty Ltd.

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