NIS - Petroleum Industry of Serbia

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Country: Serbia
Posted / Last update: 02-12-2012
NIS - Petroleum Industry of Serbia

NIS is one of the biggest vertically integrated energy companies in South East Europe. The Russian oil company Gazprom neft owns 56.15 % of share capital of NIS while 29.88 % shares of NIS are owned by the Republic of Serbia. The remaining capital belongs to minority shareholders.

The business operation of NIS incorporates exploration, production and refining of crude oil and gas, sales and distribution of petroleum products and implementation of projects in the area of petrochemistry and energy. The Company is the warrant of the steady supply of the Serbian market by petroleum products and by its socially responsible business operation it significantly contributes to the development of the country.

In Serbia NIS owns a refining complex with two refinieris - in Pancevo and in Novi Sad, an LPG production plant in Elemir and around 350 petrol stations accros the country. In accordance with the strategy to become the regional leader, the Company gradually expands its business operation into the markets of the region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

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