MFA Oil Company

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Country: United States of America
Posted / Last update: 05-02-2010
MFA Oil Company

MFA Oil Company was organized in 1929 by Missouri farmers who wanted to be assured of a reliable supply of quality petroleum products at a fair price.

Over the years the needs of our customers changed and MFA Oil responded...

  • Because today's automobiles, farm equipment and other machinery require specially formulated fuels and lubricants to keep them running efficiently, we offer a full line of products designed to do just that

  • Because automobiles and equipment must roll on the very best tires, we supply more than 200 tire dealers and seven company-operated retail tire stores from two wholesale warehouses. In addition we operate four Big O tire stores and ten Jiffy Lube stores

  • Because today's population is so mobile, we operate Break Time convenience stores and Petro-Card 24 Systems to make work and travel more convenient

  • Because many of our customers depend on propane to heat their homes, operate their appliances and dry their crops, we are now the largest supplier of propane gas in Missouri and have extended our operations into neighboring states... Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas.

MFA Oil is positioned for the new century with 120 bulk plants, 120 propane plants, 78 Break Time stores, 145 Petro-Card 24 locations, ten Jiffy Lube franchises, and four Big O Tire Stores.

More than 200 independent service station dealers depend upon MFA Oil Company to supply quality fuels and lubricants.

These service stations, most of which are located in small towns, proudly display attractive red and gray MFA Oil graphics that were especially designed for them. Some MFA Oil dealers offer convenience store merchandise, and many still provide full service and repair service.

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