Alliance Oil Company

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Country: Russia
Posted / Last update: 08-11-2012
Alliance Oil Company

Antirecession projects of the Alliance Group in the Ukraine and Russia’s Far East have laid the foundation of the Company. In October 1999 the Group became the operator of a project for the development of the Kherson Oil Refinery. And in May 2000 Alliance took under control Khabarovsk Refinery and a number of related companies dealing with petroleum products supply.

Alliance Oil Company was established in the late 2001. AOC’s business is first of all targeted at the domestic market. With its basis in downstream business the Company has been increasing its assets and extending its activity to related branches. A strong advantage of the Company is that it possesses its own retail and wholesale networks.

Alliance Oil Company operates a network of 450 petrol stations in Russia, Ucrania and Kyrgyzstan.

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