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Country: Turkey
Posted / Last update: 18-03-2009

43 Years in the sector

Akpet began operations in 1997 based on years of experience gained in the sector and is now one of 50 licensed primary fuel distribution companies in Turkey, as well as being one of the largest fuel distribution companies established solely with Turkish capital.

The Aytemiz Group’s 43 years of experience in the sector has played an important role in the fact that in a short period of time Akpet has achieved brand recognition and an impressive operational volume throughout the country with the dealerships and the fuel filling stations it has established.


Based on Aytemiz Petrol’s 43 years of experience, Aytemiz Fuel Distribution and Marketing Inc. obtained a fuel distribution license and concession in 1997 and began to award dealerships throughout the country as well as providing distribution services. The company joined forces with Ciner Group in June 2005 and changed its brand name to Akpet. It is currently using the “Akpet” brand name and its business name is “Akpet Fuel Distribution Inc.” Since its founding, the company has continually improved sales, expanded its network of stations and distribution and achieved consistent growth.

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