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Country: France
Posted / Last update: 09-02-2009

AS24 operates a dedicated HGV network throughout Europe

AS24 is a fuel distribution company whose services, principally diesel refueling, are aimed exclusively at HGV professionals (and subsidiary light commercial vehicles) in France and in Europe.

This International and homogeneous range of services continues at a steady rate of around 40 sites per year, in the majority of European countries.

A subsidiary of the TOTAL group, AS24 has, over the last fifteen years, developed an entirely automated network of around 500 filling stations in some 20 countries in Europe.

With one always nearby, AS24 filling stations can generally be found in industrial estates and usually close to the major motorways.

AS24 filling stations are designed to serve all types of vehicles and HGVs in particular:

  • wide lanes,
  • high speed pumps (up to 150 l/min),
  • double tank filling system.

With the AS24 card, drivers enjoy a safe, economical, quick and cash-free system, which guarantees a modern and secure solution for diesel refuelings.

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