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Country: Turkey
Posted / Last update: 23-01-2011

Delta is a private company formed in the early 1980's. Delta’s interests include petroleum products storage, petroleum product wholesaling and retailing, oil products and LPG transportation and oil trading. The Group is headquartered in Istanbul and employs about 500 personnel.

Delta started its operations in 1984 by setting up a floating oil storage operation on the Mediterranean, at Iskenderun, in the South East of Turkey to receive "in transit" Iraqi crude oil and petroleum products from northern Iraq. The success of the floating storage operation led to the establishment of a land based Oil Terminal at Dortyol near Ceyhan within the Iskenderun Gulf close to the Iraqi crude oil terminus and the BTC pipeline project. In the mid 1990s, using its know-how in the construction and operation of storage facilities, Delta built one of the largest LPG storage installations in the Mediterranean region, and operated a nationwide distribution of bulk LPG and LPG bottles. This successful project attracted the interest of major oil companies and the bottling business was eventually sold off to the B.P. and Mobil consortium in 1997.

Delta is currently one of the largest independently owned oil products storage and logistics groups within Turkey, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea region and the Middle East. Today, the Group has tank storage and infrastructure in Turkey as well as in surrounding countries.

The Delta operations in Poti, Georgia also started with a floating storage pilot project, the m/t. Poti Star, in March 2000. Afterwards, the Group embarked on a US $ 35 million project to develop an Oil Products Storage Terminal within the Port of Poti. This project was financed by group equity and debt through EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the BSTDB (Black Sea Trade and Development Bank).

In addition to the storage activities, since year 2000 Delta has been in the process of developing an oil product distribution network. Today, Delta has over 200 dealers and is forming a network of retail petrol stations throughout Turkey for which over 100 stations are under development carrying the Delta and Gulf brand names and logos.

Delta's third main activity consists of trading in the regions in which it operates. Based on its local expertise, management know-how, contacts and reputation, Delta is able to perform regional trade activities to reinforce its strong position in the international oil markets.

Fourthly, Delta has been able to integrate the transport activity to its organisation in such a way that it has provided value added service of logistics for its storage and distribution businesses. Delta operates one of the largest independent fleets of LPG semi-trailers worldwide, which amount to more than 200 units at this time. The LPG semi-trailers have been operating throughout the region and in such countries as Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Georgia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Syria. Besides LPG transport, the trailers are also capable of carrying anhydrous ammonia available and in demand in the region.

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