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Country: Ireland
Posted / Last update: 06-10-2011

Applegreen offers fuels that are in accordance with best international practice and conform to Irish specifications. Fuel technology is constantly evolving, driven by environmental issues and the search to provide lower- cost alternatives to fossil-based fuels. Applegreen offers a range of standard fuels and emission treatments, and will add emerging leading-edge fuels as and when demand merits their inclusion on the forecourt.

Low fuel prices, always

Applegreen check the price of fuel in each of the Applegreen stations local area every day. Then the pump prices are set to ensure that they are always at least as low as the lowest competing site in this area.

Like any business Applegreen have to take into account the cost of fuel when setting pump prices. Applegreen track the international price of refined oil products on a daily basis.

Mix & Match at the store

The ‘better value, always’ promotion campaign commits to continuous value offers in store for a year. This will ensure Applegreen customers can feel confident that whenever they visit one of the stores they will be able to get great deals on well known brands. Check in the store for all the offers.

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