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Country: Tunisia
Posted / Last update: 27-03-2012

AGIL, the National Company of Oil Distribution is a public company whose mission is to market petroleum products and by-products under the AGIL label.

AGIL is one of the major Tunisian public companies which supports the national economy and secures its continuous growth through their dynamism and the variety of its activities. With a turnover of 1 253 million dinars in 2010, AGIL plays a leading role towards progress and excellence, the motto of modern Tunisia.

Thanks to the variety and development of its activities, AGIL has reached a leading position in its field of activity. This is reflected by its sales volume and the importance of its turnover. It is now strengthening its position within the market by offering its clients the best quality of products and services.

AGIL covers the whole country with 201 service stations spread throughout Tunisian territory, 54 harbour stations and 6 airport DEPOTS.

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