Vivo Energy

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Posted / Last update: 07-05-2012
Vivo Energy

Vivo Energy is a company formed by a partnership between Shell, Vitol and Helios Investment Partners. Vivo Energy is a marketing business and the name behind Shell’s customer-facing brand in Africa.

The Vivo Energy country teams are run by Africans and for Africans, with a clear focus on building long-term sustainable growth.

Within the corporate holding company - Vivo Energy - the business is incorporated on a national basis in seven countries, with more to follow in 2012, and each local business carries the country name as a suffix to Vivo Energy.

t is vital that each national business has the freedom and flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. It is equally vital that the health, safety, environmental and performance standards we adhere to as a pan-African business are never compromised as a result.

Vivo Energy’s goal is to create a safe, growing, dynamic, exciting enterprise with the capability to deliver lasting benefits where they matter most - to customers, employees, local communities and the wider environment.

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