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Country: Uzbekistan
Posted / Last update: 02-08-2012

Uzbekneftegaz is a state-owned holding company of Uzbekistan's oil and gas industry.

carries out business activities with the purpose of generating profit for shareholders and labor collectives.

The company structure includes: offices of the JSC Ozneftmahsulot, 2 refineries (the Fergana and the Bukhara oil refining facilities), 23 petroleum products storage depots, 43 branches, 6 service centers, 2 open joint-stock companies (OAO Нефттаъминот in Tashkent and OAO «Koson» in Koson) and 1 training centre.

The main activities of Uzbekneftegaz are:

  • processing of hydrocarbons (oil and gas condensate), petroleum and liquefied gas production, its supply and distribution in and for Uzbekistan
  • acquisition of foreign investors, development of joint ventures on domestic and foreign markets.
  • carrying out foreign economic activity as well as industrial, commercial, scientific and technical activities
  • application of strategy and tactics in the field of scientific and technical development, standardization and unification of production, ecological production and social programs of labor groups
  • labor and environmental protection, safety and fire safety at the refineries, at the unitary enterprises and their branch offices and at the petrol retailing stations.

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