FPS is joining the call for the UK Government to scrap the fuel duty increase planned for January

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Source: FPS - Federation of Petroleum Suppliers | Posted / Last update: 16-11-2011
Chief Executive Mark Askew comments: “Given that the OFT identified many of our members customers are in the fuel poverty bracket, and DECC have informed us that this number is increasing, any additional costs which are passed on to the end user is only going to make the situation worse"

“It is really bad news for consumers at the moment because everywhere they turn they are faced with increases in essential household bills.  Whilst the green deal may provide energy bill reductions going forward, it will not be effective until well after the fuel levies are increased. Also given the relatively small size of our market the income would not be significant and the lowering of the end users quality of life would not be worth the extra revenues raised. The FPS strongly opposes any duty increases to the fuels which it’s members supply,” added Mark Askew.

As well as delivering heating oil to consumers some FPS members  also operate independent forecourts and while most people understand that the haulage industry and consumers will be badly affected by this imposition, not many appreciate that independent forecourt operators will also be affected.  Many of these forecourts are in rural areas, providing a lifeline to the local community. But, due to low turnover, any rise in duty has a devastating effect on their cashflow. These sites are already struggling to make ends meet and are no longer able to keep their storage tanks full. A further hike in the duty rate will undoubtedly result in further forecourt closures. In recent years, these closures have been running at almost 600 a year and there are now only around 8500 left open. The total number of forecourts stands at less than there were in 1912!

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