Dubai Municipality honors Emarat's effective participation in the ‘World No Smoking Day’

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Source: Emarat | Posted / Last update: 08-06-2012
Dubai Municipality has honored Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat" for its active participation in the World No Smoking Day and its prompt response to stop the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products at the Corporation's convenience stores during the day, in addition to the launching of awareness campaigns at Emarat's service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Dubai Municipality honored Mr. Mohammed bin Tameem, Retail Marketing Executive at the retail sales department of Emarat, who represented the Corporation on this occasion. Dubai Municipality acknowledged and honored other establishments that contributed on the day in a special event organized by the Municipality at its offices, which was attended by a number of the Municipality's officials and media personnel.

Emarat undertakes numerous procedures to ensure general safety and environment protection at all its stations. Smoking is forbidden in all Emarat's premises, the service stations are well equipped with fire extinguishers, and all of Emarat's staff are trained on first aid procedures and the use of fire equipment and emergencies.

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