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Source: PKN Orlen | Posted / Last update: 25-05-2012
For the first time in history of the ORLEN Group, the European Championships played in June this year created an opportunity for a marketing campaign integrating Polish, Czech and German customers. The action starts in late May and will cover the company's stations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland

How will it look like? Customers visiting STAR stations in Germany and Benzina stations in the Czech Republic will receive leaflets with information about ORLEN and Bliska chains of petrol stations, which will include coupons encouraging to visit our stations during their stay in Poland. Leaflet holders will be able to cash promotional coupons on selected ORLEN and Bliska chain stations.

An important part of ORLEN's action will be a new service introduced for the time of Euro 2012 that will allow transactions with foreign currency when making payment by Visa and Mastercard at ORLEN and Bliska petrol stations. Payment in domestic currency will provide foreign customers with not only convenience and transparency of transactions, but also with savings, resulting from not charging currency conversion fees.

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