Oula installs LED lights at its new station in Kuwait

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Posted / Last update: 29-05-2012
Oula Fuel Marketing Company has announced that it has installed LED solar lights at its station in West Shuaiba as part of its new environment friendly strategy

The station which is expected to open soon, will be the first to witness the installation of LED solar lights, a statement from Oula said. It will expand the plan and upgrade all its stations with the new technology, in the near future.

Adel Al Awadhi, vice president, marketing and business development, said: “As a leading fuel provider in Kuwait we believe it is our responsibility to initiate programmes and activities that promote energy saving. This step marks itself to be one of the many important ones Oula has undertaken to meet its commitment to the environment and we promise our customers with many more similar initiatives in the future.”

The company recently installed the Ambient Air Quality Monitoring system to test the quality of air, Automatic Tank Gauging System to detect underground leaks, water recycling in car wash facilities and also introduced the world’s most environmentally friendly car wash system at its stations.

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