The unmanned Tango network of petrol stations in the Netherlands is opting for energy efficient LED canopy lighting for its 120 stations

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Source: Bever Innovations | Posted / Last update: 22-06-2012
This switch will reduce the Tango network’s energy consumption by up to 75% while significantly increasing customers’ sense of safety. The Tango network is owned and operated by Kuwait Petroleum Northwest Europe

Tango took the first step towards LED lighting three years ago with the intention of drastically reducing its energy consumption. The conventional metal halide armatures were replaced by sustainable and energy efficient LED canopy lighting. An energy reduction of 75% was quickly achieved. After this successful test, Tango took the decision to provide all 120 existing and new Tango petrol stations with this intelligent LED under canopy illumination. For the installation Tango decided to implement the Luci Series produced by Bever Innovations.

Bob Kievits, Retail Director at Kuwait Petroleum Northwest Europe that owns the Tango network said: “Tango builds innovative unmanned petrol stations that are equipped with the most modern technology and meet today’s most stringent environmental standards. When building and refurbishing these stations, we closely examine all opportunities to save costs and to minimise our impact on the environment. It is clear that by switching to LED lighting we are taking a giant step towards achieving our objectives in increasing our energy efficiency.”

Increased safety with an automatic dimming system: It was not only the high energy savings that was a decisive factor in switching to LED lighting. The sense of safety for customers at the unmanned Tango petrol stations is also a high priority. LED lighting is therefore a good addition to the 24 hour security. When the current LED fixture detects movement, it goes from dimmed to full power immediately. The customer has the light required to fill their tank, while at the same time a visually comfortable environment is created. When no more activity is detected, the LED armature gradually dims within a few minutes. Even when dimmed the Luci Series ensures a well-lit canopy that is attractive and looks safe to passers-by.

LED lighting expanded to all Kuwait Petroleum stations: Apart from the unmanned Tango petrol stations, as of 2012, all new manned Q8 and IDS petrol stations throughout Europe will be equipped with intelligent LED under canopy illumination. This switch is in line with Kuwait Petroleum’s Energy Efficiency programme which strives to optimise energy consumption.

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