Market Force study finds grocery and wholesale retailers are America’s favorite gas stations - Costco ranks no. 1

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Source: Market Force | Posted / Last update: 15-06-2012
While traditional petro-convenience brands still sell the most gasoline, consumers are increasingly opting to fuel-up at their favorite grocer or warehouse retailer. Costco and Kroger are consumers’ favorite places to fill their gas tanks, according to a new consumer study by Market Force Information, the world’s leading customer intelligence solutions company. The panel research study was conducted in April with more than 4,500 participants across North America

The study showed warehouse retailers and grocers are closing in on traditional gas stations in a bid for consumers’ wallet share. While 56% indicated they visit national gas station brands to fill up, approximately one-third (32%) frequent mass retailers and grocery stores.

In industries like petro-convenience, location and availability have a large influence on purchasing. But, Market Force also wanted to understand underlying consumer preferences, so consumers were also asked to name their favorite petro-convenience retailer—the one they like the most out of all they patronize. Three brands were clear favorites: Shell, Costco and Kroger. Because some retailers have thousands of locations and others have a fraction of that, Market Force indexed the results by location count in order to even the playing field. When the results were indexed, Costco emerged as the No. 1 choice with an index score of 371. It was followed by Kroger at 322, and Sam’s Club at 284.

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