Saudi-SASCO wins three awards for its fuel stations

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Posted / Last update: 19-06-2012
Saudi Automotive Services Company (SASCO), the largest petrol station operator with merchandise stores in Saudi Arabia, has won three awards for its fuel stations out of the five best stations chosen by the Dammam municipality in Dammam city. The announcement about the top slots won by SASCO was made following an intensive evaluation of the stations conducted by the municipality, which gave the scores on the basis of its own parameters

Riyad Al-Malek, SASCO general manager, said that the SASCO's station at Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad Road got the first position with 100 percent scores given by the municipality. Its station on Othman Bin Affan Road occupied second position with 100 percent scores, while its station at King Fahd Road got third position with 97.7 percent scores. The scores were given on the basis of the quality of services offered by the stations and their all round development.

Most of SASCO stations offer fuel services, car maintenance and restaurant services besides several other related services. The company has also launched an innovative concept of retail sales at its stations called SASCO Palm in a convenient store format. Referring to the commendations won by SASCO from the Dammam municipality, Al-Malek said that SASCO achieved such outstanding results because of the intensive efforts exerted by the company to offer the best services.

All SASCO locations, inside the cities and outside the cities including those on the highways have been developed in a modern format offering world-class services, hygienic conditions and related facilities. He said that the highways service centers of SASCO were currently developing its locations inside and outside the urban centers as per the new identity. "The new identity is based on the experiences and lessons derived from our local and international partners," said the general manager.

The strategic partnerships with international restaurants and café as well as petrol station operators will go along way in upgrading the SASCO services, he added. Referring to the SASCO's expansion plan in near future, Al-Malek said that the company had launched nine locations in the capital city. In Dammam city, three more locations have been launched. This is in addition to five branches launched on the highways.

SASCO plans to be the leading company in quality, service integration and an example in automotive services and managing rests and motels on highways inside the Kingdom.

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