PEI - Petroleum Equipment Institute

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Country: United States of America
Posted / Last update: 09-09-2009
PEI - Petroleum Equipment Institute

The mission of the Petroleum Equipment Institute is to be the leading authority and source of information for the petroleum and energy handling equipment industry.

PEI is committed to promoting the value of distributor services and improving the business relationships and practices of its members.

PEI’s Association Goals

The objectives and purposes of the Institute shall be to:

  • Educate members on matters affecting the industry.
  • Develop programs that assist member companies in competing and operating more effectively and profitably.
  • Foster the relationship between manufacturer, distributor and end-user.
  • Promote the value of distributor services.
  • Provide a forum for communication between all segments of the industry.
  • Hold meetings, conferences, and/or trade shows to broaden the management skills of owner/managers and employees.
  • Collect and publish statistics, technical data and industry news to further the technical knowledge and improve the efficiency of member businesses.
  • Cooperate with other industries and organizations in matters of either direct or indirect concern to the members of the Institute.

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