Retail Vision

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Posted / Last update: 22-07-2011

Publisher: Insight Research & Insight Conferences Ltd
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Retail Vision

The world of international retail is changing every day, this is why Insight has come up with a clever and convenient way to share the latest ideas and developments with their readers. Retail Vision is an ongoing series of web television programmes broadcasted every month.

In each edition of Retail Vison, Insight broadcasts interviews with senior retailers about what they're doing and showcase their latest retail formats and products.

Retail Vision has also been set up as an I-Tunes download to enable all readers to watch the videos.

If you're a manufacturer, this is your opportunity to show the world what you can offer. Innovation is what everybody is interested in and over 13,000 international retailers are tuned in already. That's why Insight has created a special area for suppliers programmes, where all of you can do your thing.

If you fancy getting involved, feel free to get in touch with Insight using the contact form below.

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