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World’s biggest petrol station lights up with LED illumination

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Posted / Last update: 19-04-2012

Publisher: Bever Innovations
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Shell Berchem, the biggest petrol site in the world, is situated in Luxembourg. Shell Berchem sells over 300 million litres of petrol a year. Where a big site in Europe gets several petrol truck deliveries a week, Berchem has up to 27 a day. On this massive site, which is operational 365 days a year - 24 hours a day, the original metal halide light luminaires were replaced by Bever Innovations’ Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination at the end of 2011.

The result of this installation led to significant savings. After the installation of 150 Luci Series at the Shell Berchem car and truck canopy, the CO2 emission fell considerably. The Luci Series also reduce the energy costs by 80% - which is more than €40,000 a year at this site.

Installation company ‘Hamer Installatietechniek’ was asked to replace all the canopy lights to LED under canopy illumination at the Berchem site.

‘We have been working with the Luci Series for over a year now, which is for us a great fixture to work with. Installation of a Luci Series frame is very simple. Also the electrical installation work is very easy, just connect and the assembly is almost done. It just works perfect ‘, Jan Bruinewoud - RVI mechanic at Hamer Installatietechniek.

Shell chooses Luci Series

After tendering several suppliers, Shell Global chose Luci Series as their ideal LED under canopy illumination. Luci Series were selected to replace existing energy-consuming metal halide lights in canopies in a lot of European and Asian countries.‘Shell Global has tested around 10 different LED canopy lights in terms of performance, light output, LED  characteristics and many more specifications. Bever Innovations’ Luci Series ended up being our no. 1’
- Jurgen van der Winden - Global Design & Construction Engineer at Shell.

Patented flexibility

The main reason for Shell to choose Bever was that the Luci Series not only met all Shell specifications, such as carbon footprint reduction, big energy savings and easy installation; on top of this the flexibility of the Luci Series offered a great many other useful benefits to Shell.

‘It is not only the energy-saving characteristics of the Luci Series that are important for Shell. Because sites like Berchem are non-standard, the right sizing of the illumination levels with the remote control is important. The power output of every fitting can be adjusted to meet our requirements, without working at heights - which is unique in the industry’ said Jurgen van der Winden about
the patented flexibility of the Luci Series.

Shell chooses LED

In 2009, Shell International initiated a project to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption at their petrol stations (on forecourts and in shops) around the globe.

Shell started their energy-saving project ‘ESS’ at the beginning of 2009. Multiple analyses were performed in order to establish what the critical points were on their sites, and where the total cost of ownership could be reduced. The highest priority was given to those areas where most savings in terms of energy and maintenance - and thus reductions in terms of carbon emissions - could be made. Forecourt illumination was one of these major points where drastic changes needed to be effected.


The Luci Series is currently exported to more than 40 countries worldwide. They can be found in the canopies of the major oil companies in the petrol industry, such as  Shell, BP, Esso, Chevron Texaco and many others.

About us

Bever Innovations was founded in 1996 and is 100% focused on the petrol retail market. A focus from which our customers greatly benefit. This not only applies to our highly reliable I-Catcher LED displays, but focus explains the success of our award-winning LED Under Canopy Illumination, the Luci series. Both product lines prove themselves day in, day out to be high-quality LED solutions for our customers with thousands of petrol stations worldwide.

The I-Catcher LED displays for price signs are used in over 40 countries. In 2008, Bever Innovations started the development of the Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination. In 2010 Bever signed a contract with Shell International for global delivery of the Luci Series. BP also chose the Luci Series for its European network.

In 2009, the European Commission officially recognized Bever Innovations as a 'GreenLight Endorser' for its efforts in the field of energy-efficient lighting.

Bever Innovations supplies its products worldwide, and besides a subdivision in Finland they have partners in most European countries, South America, Australia, as well as the Far East.

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