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Car Wash Survey (Various geographies)

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Posted / Last update: 02-12-2010

A survey of over 1750 motorists in a number of markets to identify their car washing behaviour, preferences and service satisfaction.

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Datamonitor has surveyed motorists regarding their car washing behaviour, preferences and service satisfaction.

Specifically the study reveals how frequently motorists wash their car, the channels used and the popularity of each. It also assesses what is important to motorists when they are selecting how to wash their car and measures how different wash types perform in meeting their expectations.

Scope of this research

  • Frequency of car washing by different methods including service station auto washes, standalone washes, hand car washing at home or by a third party.
  • The relative importance of different car wash features such as location, value for money, speed, wash quality and care of vehicle exterior.
  • An assessment of customer car washing behaviour and preferences segmented by gender, income, age, distance travelled and region.
  • Insight into the car washing methods and most popular brands used as well as the performance of different types of wash against customer expectations.

Key reasons to purchase this research

  • Make informed car wash and marketing investments by identifying what is most important to motorists when selecting how to wash their vehicle
  • Improve customer targeting by uncovering the characteristics of those that elect to use different car washing methods.
  • Measure the relative performance of your type of car wash installation in meeting the expectations of motorists.

This product is delivered in a PowerPoint (.ppt) and the survey data is in Data pack format (.xls). Please select these download options from the side of the page.    * Introduction    * Scope    * Key reasons to use this brief

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