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Commercial Fuel Cards Database 2010

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Posted / Last update: 02-12-2010

Datamonitor's commercial fuel cards database examines the fleet card market accross a number of geographies and includes the volume and value of fuel sold using the cards, growth rates, fleet card issuer volumes and market shares as well as network acceptance data.

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Datamonitor's commercial fuel cards data is invaluable for issuers of fuel and fleet cards, fleet leasing companies and other suppliers to the sector.

Based on research with card issuers and fuel retailers it provides information on the number of sites accepting each card as well as issued fuel volumes and competitor shares data.

Features and benefits

  • Benchmark fuel retailers and card providers by volume and value per site, growth rates, market shares and network penetrations.
  • Dissect this key fuel card market into seven categories including market volumes and values, card numbers, vehicle parc, and network acceptance.
  • Understand the level of development in this market by accessing growth indicators such as volumes per site, value per card and value per vehicle.

Product delivered as an Excel Speadsheet (.xls).


    • Primary Research
    • Data modelling
    • Primary validation
    • Data finalisation
    • Total fuel card volumes
    • Card issuer volumes and market shares
    • Total number of fuel cards in market (3.5t segments)
    • Total number of commercial vehicles (3.5t)
    • Card issuer accepting site numbers and site share

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