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Service Station Retailing Brief

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Posted / Last update: 30-11-2010

Based on Datamonitor's proprietary market data and insight into the leading fuel retailers, this brief provides you with an up-to-date picture of the service station retailing market in a number of markets. In addition to outlining service station site numbers, fuel sales, competitor shares, c-store, car wash and automatic network data, it also details retailers' product offerings and future directions

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Features and benefits

  • Benchmark your service station retail offer against the major national players in the sector by examining their number of sites, shops and car washes.
  • Develop new marketing ideas for your service station shop, car wash and card propositions by examining the activities of other players across Ireland.
  • Make informed pitches to potential partners by gaining insights into the major retailers’ networks, market shares, fuel throughputs and future plans.
  • Assess overall market entry potential by accessing key market indicators including registered cars, national fuel volumes and average prices.
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    • Service station competitor overview
      • A metrics of the top three fuel retailers in terms of fuel volume share and the number of service stations, motorway sites, unmanned sites, shops and car wash.
    • Service station market overview
      • A brief synopsis of the service station market and basic commentary regarding fuel consumption, fuel prices, network changes, motorway sites, unmanned sites and shop and car wash penetration.
    • Company level charts showing:
      • Service station network size by brand, 2010
      • Fuel volume market share by brand, 2009
      • Motorway service stations by brand, 2010
      • Unmanned service stations by brand, 2010
      • Competitor ranking in 2009 compared to 2008
    • Top five fuel retailers’ fuel and network information, including:
      • Network size
      • Motorway sites
      • Unmanned sites
      • Company owned and dealer owned sites
      • Fuel volume market share
      • Average throughput
      • Types of fuel sold
      • Additional secondary information, e.g. LPG sites, planned expansion/divestments
    • Top five fuel retailers’ shop sites, including:
      • Shop network and penetration, over five years
      • Shop proposition, brand name, partnerships and additional secondary information
    • Top five fuel retailers’ car wash sites, including:
      • Car wash network and penetration, over five years
      • Car wash types, manufacturers, and additional secondary information
    • Top five fuel retailers business fuel card and private loyalty card offerings
      • Basic marketing information on card features, such as network acceptance and incorporated services and pictures of loyalty and fuel cards.
    • Market level charts showing:
      • Total service stations and population per car over time, over five years
      • Cars/population per service station, over five years
      • Proportion of petrol and diesel cars, over five years
      • Total fuel consumption/Average fuel volumes per car/Average fuel volumes per service station, over five years
      • Global oil prices/95 Octane petrol/98 Octane petrol prices/Autodiesel prices, over seven years
      • Total diesel sales value in €/Total petrol sales value in €/Average fuel spend per car in €/Average fuel spend per service station in €, over five years
      • Total motorway service stations, over five years
      • Total unmanned service stations, over five years
    • (Untitled section)
      • The Irish service station network decreased by 0.4% in 2009
      • Topaz has the largest service station network in Ireland
      • Topaz accounts for one third of all fuel volume sales in Ireland
      • Only two players in Ireland have motorway sites
      • Topaz has the highest fuel volume share in Ireland
      • Texaco has the second highest fuel volume share in Ireland
      • The number of Esso service stations increased in 2009
      • Only Maxol has an automatic service station in Ireland
      • Tesco has the highest average throughput in Ireland
      • Nearly three quarters of all service stations in Ireland have a shop
      • Topaz has the largest network of service station shops in Ireland
      • Only Esso, Campus and Tesco have shops at each of their sites
      • Topaz was awarded Irish Retail Company of the Year in 2010
      • 75% of Texaco branded service stations have a shop
      • Esso’s shop network increased during 2009
      • Maxol’s shop network has remained unchanged since 2008
      • All Tesco branded service stations have a shop
      • Nearly half of all service stations in Ireland have a car wash
      • Topaz has the largest network of sites with a car wash in Ireland
      • The number of Topaz sites with a car wash increased in 2009
      • Half of Texaco branded service stations have a car wash
      • The number of Esso sites with a car wash has remained constant
      • Maxol has had the same number of car washes since 2008
      • Only 1.2% of sites with a car wash in Ireland belong to Tesco
      • In 2009, total fuel consumption fell by 3% on 2008 to 3,181 million litres
      • The number of service stations in Ireland decreased in 2009
      • Car parc increased marginally by 3.1% in 2010
      • The proportion of diesel cars has increased since 2006
      • Ireland’s fuel consumption declined in 2009
      • In Ireland, average pump prices declined in 2009
      • Fuel sales value for both petrol and diesel declined in 2009
      • Only Topaz and Applegreen have motorway sites in Ireland
    • All data is taken from our 2010 Service Station Retailing Database
      • Stage one - Agree scope and definitions
      • Stage two - Collating the information
      • Stage three - Data-inputting and checks
      • Stage four - Full data finalization check
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