EPA has developed an informational video on NESHAP 6C regulations - "Stage I" vapour recovery control requirements in the US

Audio version
Posted / Last update: 05-04-2012
Publication: PetrolPlaza Technology Corner
Issued: March 2012
Author: EPA

These requirements result from the Gas Distribution NESHAP 6C Rule. The video is intended to educate 57,000 Gas Distribution Facility owner/operators affected by the NESHAP 6C Rule and to encourage them to apply for their Stage I compliance inspection. The video explains what a NESHAP is, why it exists, the general requirements of the 6C rule and which specific businesses are affected.

The video details that the purpose of the rule is to regulate the gasoline vapors that are emitted when a storage tank is filled (Stage I). It also explains the equipment and testing requirements (pressure/vacuum vent valves and static pressure of tanks); best management practices; and highlights the fittings and adaptors needed to properly capture gasoline vapors during unloading.

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