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Source: PetrolPlaza | Posted / Last update: 29-11-2011 | Author: Bruno Boroewitsch, PetrolPlaza
Just in time for their 100 year anniversary, Tatsuno invited all its European distributors to the 1st European Distributor Conference, held from 15th to 16th November in Blansko, Czech Republic.

The event was attended by participants from 16 countries all over Europe.

According to Hiromichi Tatsuno, 3rd generation President of the company, the main objective of this event was to establish good and productive business relationships amongst participants as well as to present the new product portfolio for the European market. Tatsuno is the market leader in many Asian countries, and conferences like this are held on a regular basis.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to watch the video interview with Hiromichi Tatsuno on PetrolPlaza TV.

Mr. Tatsuno opened the conference and welcomed all participants. Takashi Okahira from Tatsuno Europe drew a picture of the global company structure. The conference included presentations of partners and distributors, like Victor Gordov, Managing Director of the Russian subsidiary, Tatsuno RUS, Antonis Pitsirikos from KosmoTek and Mauro Tedeschi from Maser.

The presentations covered the impressive development of Tatsuno’s activities in Europe, starting with the cooperation with Benc in 1993. Today the company’s activities are ongoing in most of the European countries.

The technical presentations of new products, in which Tatsuno highlighted new innovative improvements and the high quality-standard gained high interest of all attendees.

The 2nd day of the event featured a guided tour through the Tatsuno Europe manufacturing facilities in Blansko where the dispensers for the European market are manufactured and assembled.

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